H2 Math Tuition with 70% Students Achieving Grade 'A'

Taught by Singapore's #1 A-Level Further Math Tutor Leon. Small Class. Every JC student improved by 3.1 grades after 6 months lessons on average. Price starting at $360 per month with free 1-1 consultations.

2024 (Latest) GCE A-Level Results

In the latest A-level results in 2024, Leon's students achieve a higher number of 'A' grades than 80% of the Junior Colleges in Singapore for H2 Further Maths.

2024 a-level further maths result

For the seventh consecutive year, Leon has achieved unparalleled results in this subject. He has assisted students from leading JCs, those from less acclaimed JCs, and even private candidates without formal education, in securing 'A' grades.

Previous H2 Math and Further Math Results in 2023

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Congratulation and thank you to the class of 2022, you have done well and shown great improvement in the 2022 GCE A-Level Examination. Below are some highlights of Leon's students' performance in the latest A-Level exam.

Distinction Rate : 70% Students Achieve 'A' in H2 Maths

jc h2 math tuition

Despite majority students are not from top JC in Leon's classes, they have put in lots of effort and achieved a distinction rate that is comparable to many top schools.

100% Improvement in JC Math, 3.1 Grades Improved in 6 months On Average

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Even for those who didn't manage to get 'A', their improvement are still impressive.

Excellent Results in H2 Further Maths

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H2 Further Maths has one of the lowest national distinction rate among all H2 subjects, and most students had difficulty passing the school exam before starting their tuition here last year. However, not only that we achieved an average of 'B' grade among our Further Math students here, there are more students who obtained 'A' grade in Leon's class than the whole school of some top JC in Singapore.

And Finally

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The 2022 batch was hit hard by Covid in the past 3 years, a lot of students here were coping with a tremendous level of stress last year in their study. Leon is proud that many of them has overcome the difficulty and achieved excellent result in their A-Level exam.

JC H2 Math & Further Math Specialist

Hi I am Leon. I offer individual and group tuition for A Level H2 Math and Further Math. I have been teaching these two subjects for 18 years. Having taught hundreds of students from each JC, I am very familiar with the exam question types of every school, allowing me to conduct tuition lessons that are tailored to your learning style and pace.

I like to explain complex concepts in very simple ways, and help students to find the most suitable practice questions to prepare for exams.

Please explore this website to find out more about myself and my tuition. If you have any inquiry, I am just one phone call away at 90700735.

H2 Maths Tutor

Leon Specializes in A-Level H2 Further Maths.

He has helped many students obtain ‘A’ in this subject and get into Cambridge/Oxford, including private candidates.

jc h2 math tuition

Leon has 3 students accpeted by Cambridge/Oxford in the past 6 years. Above is Jessica received offer from Cambridge in 2021.

jc h2 math tuition

Above is Damien received offer from Cambridge in 2019.

Powerful and Effective Teaching Style

Leon believes that there is always a simple way to explain even the most abstract concept, and there is always a simple solution to every difficult JC exam question. Here is what Leon's previous students said about his style of teaching.

Ethan Lim (Anderson JC)

Leon's method of teaching is simplified and logical, and he gives his students maximum ease at clarifying any kind of question one may have, even if he has already gone through it 3 to 4 times with you previously...

Victoria (Saint Andrew's JC)

Leon is very hardworking and painstakingly compiles many problem sets for us to do. Not only is he persistent but also patient to explain to us solutions in a very clear and concise manner. His clarity, insight and knowledge in Math is impeccable...

Roy Ang (HCI)

Leon is extremely approachable, and it is easy to pose any kind of question no matter how basic or embarrassing it might be. He is also well versed in the A level syllabus, and can easily solve a question posed on the spot while answering any queries you might have...

Rui Wen (Victoria JC) - Further Maths

Leon has truly been a blessing in my life. I had failed math in my promos in JC1. But since Leon started teaching me, I managed to get A for Math in my A Levels. Grasping the concepts was much easier through Leon’s help, as he could explain them in a simple and easily understandable way...

Jessalyn (DHS)

Leon is a highly experienced math tutor who is approachable and is able to tailor his teaching style to suit the needs of individual students. I would definitely recommend him to any student who wishes to ace A Level mathematics...

Jean (Meridian JC)

Leon had proven his excellent knowledge in Math and patience in teaching. He was also committed in spending extra time before/after tuition class for individual consultation. This was certainly helpful esp when I faced difficulty in my school tutorials...

Why Choose Leon's A Level JC Math Tuition Classes ?

Free 1-to-1 Consultations

Leon allocates a substantial amount of his time to provide free 1-1 consultations to students in his H2 Math tuition classes. If you need help on your school's tutorial, assignments or test preparation, you can always arrange a consultation with Leon.

Additional Individual Lessons are Included

Leon knows the exact date and topics of all major exams in each JC and prepare his students sufficiently for them. Besides the regular weekly JC Maths Tuition class, Leon will arrange individual lessons with students regularly. The lesson is to prepare for the school term test, or to review the test result and go through question by question. There is no additional cost to the individual lessons.

24/7 What'sApp Support

Need immediate help on questions? Leon answers a large amount of questions on What'sApp daily, and not to worry about disturbing him earlier in the day or late at night, because he does answer question 3am in the morning, sometimes :)

No Deposit, No Admin Fee, No Hidden Cost & No Question Asked If You Withdraw

If you decide to withdraw from Leon's H2 Math tuition class, you can do it anytime. Strictly no question asked.

Leon is the MOST Popular H2 Further Math Tutor in Singapore.

H2 Further Maths is the most challenging A Level Maths Subject at the H2 level, only the top 2% JC students are offered this subject. Leon is the #1 choice among top IP school Further Maths students like Hwa Chong Institution & Raffles Institution. Although you may not be taking this subject, it is a testimony on how Leon can explain complex concepts in a very simple way.