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I found my time spent at PowerMaths to be a fulfilling one as the tutor Mr Wu was someone who was very dedicated to our well-being and academics. His teaching style was very clear and effective, allowing me to understand difficult math concepts in simple terms. He is also very patient in his guidance, taking care to explain a concept many times if we do not understand it the first time around. The practice questions given by him are carefully selected and curated according to our different institutions and are meant for us to apply our concepts in the most suitable way. Furthermore, he also organizes complimentary private one on one consultations prior to exams, and is also very accessible online, enabling us to ask him any questions we may have and answering them efficiently. All in all, he is a tutor with a clear and patient teaching style, who also provides us students with useful educational material in order to further our understanding of the subject.

Yu FeiRaffles Institution

My 2 years in Mr Wu’s classes has been extremely beneficial. He always was able to break down complex concepts into much simpler ideas to ensure that we understood them; his notes were also clear and concise ensuring that it was useful to us. He also taught us many different tricks and tips to go about doing difficult questions. Mr Wu gave us many practices, and would mark all of them, ensuring that we frequently practice our concepts to master them, and it really benefited me as I saw improvements on each of the practice paper I did. The 1 to 1 consultation that Mr Wu provided was very useful as it allowed me to clear all my doubts and clarify my misconceptions when needed. He also provided us with Power Books, ensuring that I was accustomed to doing questions set by my school in order to ensure that I would be able to score well for school examinations too.

GraceHwa Chong Institution

Though I only joined Mr Wu’s classes quite late into my A Level year, I found that attending his classes really helped me rapidly improve my mathematics skills and understanding. The test papers he gave us each week gave me much needed practice. I appreciated how he increased the difficulty of the paper incrementally as the weeks went by, allowing me to practice basic concepts and boost my confidence, and later tackle harder questions with a solid understanding of the foundational concepts. Mr Wu also spent time answering all our questions patiently, and arranged 1 to 1 sessions with us to clear any doubts we may have had. For me, this was instrumental in allowing me to voice questions that I didn’t manage to ask in class, and clarify doubts that I had. Towards the end of the year, Mr Wu also prepared sets of questions on certain concepts and question types that were more common and challenging, and this practice really prepared me well for my prelims and later on, my A Level exams. By identifying key concepts and ensuring our understanding of them, Mr Wu was able to help us study smart, and aid us in acquiring the necessary skills to do well in the A Levels. I’m really glad to have benefited from Mr Wu’s help! Thank you Mr Wu!

SalomeHwa Chong Institution

I found Mr Wu’s notes and practice questions particularly helpful as he made sure to arrange them from basic questions to the more challenging ones so that I could slowly improve as I practiced. He also grouped questions by question type which helped me tackle questions quickly, as I can identify the common solutions to certain questions. I am very thankful for Mr Wu’s 1-1 consultation sessions as they helped me clear many of my doubts before my tests and examinations. In the consultation sessions, I can go through my mistakes and identify the gaps in my understanding, which helped me improve more as compared to reading the answer key. Mr Wu is patient and dedicated, and his help over whatsapp also helped me immensely during the A Level period. Thank you Mr Wu for boosting my confidence in Math!

Yi LinHwa Chong Institution

Mr. Wu has been a tremendous help to me in the last 6 months leading up to the A Levels. The weekly mock papers he provided played a large role in building up my confidence and time management skills for the actual paper. The difficulty of the questions in those papers also prepared me for any curve balls I might face during my prelims and the A Levels. Additionally, the fact that I could easily contact Mr. Wu and send him any questions I had as I did my own practices helped me clear any doubts I had immediately. This strengthened my understanding of the concepts and made sure every question I did for practice counted. I highly appreciated Mr. Wu's willingness to address my doubts, even outside of class, and his tips with regards to time management and tackling difficult questions. Overall, Mr. Wu's guidance was an indispensable part of my eventual performance.

NicoleRaffles Institution

Attending powermathematics has strengthened my understanding of math as Mr Wu breaks down complex concepts into simpler ideas. Besides clear explanations of math concepts, exam strategies such as question types and common mistakes were highlighted in class. Also, I found the materials provided extremely useful. Concise notes were particularly helpful for revision and abundant practice questions helped to consolidate my learning. I could clarify my doubts and clear misconceptions through WhatsApp as well as one to one consultations. I have definitely improved significantly since I started math tuition and I am now able to tackle math questions with much more confidence. Thank you for your patience and guidance Mr Wu!

Shu HuiHwa Chong Institution

Mr Wu is a really patient teacher who takes the time to explain the different mathematical concepts to his students. Whenever I was in doubt, he would explain in very simple terms so that I could understand easily. The materials he provided were also very helpful, there were short notes and recaps at the start of the worksheets provided, as well as practice questions with varying difficulties to help us get comfortable with the topic. I felt like the Power Book of topical TYS questions from my JC helped greatly, and on top of that, the practice papers from other JCs also helped me to improve my grades drastically. Mr Wu helped to solidfy my concepts especially with his 1-1 consultations which bridged any information gaps I had. That, along with the practice papers he gave, helped me to improve from a 'U' in mid years to a 'B' in my A levels. I am extremely grateful for his guidance and will recommend him if you need help for Mathematics!

SallyCatholic Junior College

Mr Wu is a very patient teacher that does not rush through concepts but goes through them patiently and the common types of questions associated to fully prepare me for any examinations regarding the topic. The notes are very clear and straight to the point with all the important information and concepts all numbered and organised. the practice questions at the back teaches me on how to use the techniques that was taught to answer the question directly to help me fully master the techniques taught in front. His 1 to 1 consultation was a very good chance for me to ask any questions that i’ve encountered while doing math and mr wu will go through the whole question to ensure that i understand what is required of the question and the approach so that i’ll be able to answer them when i encounter them again. the 1 to 1 consultations also helped me with concepts that i’ve found hard to understand and with detailed explanation from mr wu, i’ll be able to understand the particular concept clearly. the 1 to 1 consultations to go through exam papers also helped me to understand the approach of every question that appeared in the paper so that i’ll be able to do it again in the future. Also, the power book gives me lots of practice questions and to fully understand the topic and the application of the skills. the wide range of questions also helped me with exposure to more questions types to prepare myself better for exams. completing the powerbook gives me confidence about the topic because i’ve completed most types of questions and can answer most questions.

JoshuaAnderson Junior College


I throughly enjoyed Leon’s lessons as they were engaging and informative. Specifically, Leon adopts an exam-centric approach to problem solving as he breaks down questions into different subtypes. This allows me to easily identify what the examiner is trying to test and zoom in on the most efficient method. Moreover, when I need additional help in my weaker topics, he always offer free 1-to-1 consultations to bridge the missing concepts. Leon's materials enable me to hone my skills in a timely and efficient manner. His notes include summaries which come in handy during revision, and his compilation of past year papers from the different JCs(The Powerbook) ensures sufficient practice for both internal and national exams. Overall, I would highly recommend Leon to any JC student studying mathematics due to his sheer effectiveness. Attending his classes was essential in securing an A during the A-Levels.

DamienNational Junior College

My math foundation has never been strong, which is caused by my old ways of learning math, focusing more on memorizing than understanding. This resulted in me having wildly inconsistent Math results. In JC 2 block test, I scored a U and was devastated. I begin looking for Math tuition and chance upon Mr. Leon Wu thanks to one of my friend. Left with roughly only 6 months to A-levels examinations, I was worried that it was too late for me to catch up. But after attending his lessons, there is no looking back. My grades start to steadily climb after every subsequent tests and exam. Thanks to his patience, I cleared my misconceptions and got a clearer understanding of topics that I'm generally weak at like Vectors and PnC. Due to his brilliant teaching techniques, I got my first pass of the year in the mid-year examinations. Mr. Wu promptly reply my WhatsApp messages on math sums that I am facing a problem with. He also conducts 1 to 1 individual consultation sessions whenever a major examination is around the corner and stays back after class to resolve our queries. Furthermore, his notes are clear and concise. You will find yourself coming back to his notes instead of your messy school notes time after time. Adding on, every week he will give TYS questions from my school and practice papers from other schools. It is never a problem of not having enough practice material. Thanks to the abundant practice opportunity I got, I manage to complete my Math exam papers on time and still have spare time for checking. This has never been possible until I meet Mr. Wu. I'm really grateful for the help I received from him that allowed me to get an A in the A levels examinations. Thank you Mr. Wu! He is the magic you need!

AndyYishun Junior College

I came to Mr Wu 2 months before my A levels, with a D for my H2 Math, worried that he might not take me because there was so little time left. But take me in he did, and with his specially tailored curriculum to work on my weak topics, generous resources and worksheets to aid me and sample papers of handpicked questions, he brought my results to an A for my Math at A levels. He is a highly qualified and possesses great experience, and you can be sure to see improvement in your math grades. Thank you Mr Wu!

AyrtonRaffles Junior College

Mr Wu’s teaching style is simple and understandable, and he’s always willing to answer any question that I have, no matter how basic it might be. His notes and practice questions have helped me build a strong foundation in the topics and understand the concepts better, while the PowerBook gave me more confidence in answering challenging questions given by my school. I have been constantly failing math in school, and before I joined his tuition a few months before A Levels, I wasn’t expecting to do well in the A Levels. However, after attending his tuition classes, I saw hope (albeit the slightest) in doing well for math, despite having deplorable math grades in the past. Mr Wu’s tuition classes were definitely integral in helping me jump from a U grade in prelims to an A grade for the A-Levels. I’d definitely recommend his classes to anyone who is struggling with math, just like I was.

E ZenHua Chong Junior College

I truly felt that Mr Wu’s teaching style helped me achieve my A for my A level examination. Mr Wu has a style making us do papers at home and going through each question step by step during his lessons. This benefited me greatly as I always struggled on thought process of solving mathematic questions. Mr Wu’s helped me realised that most mathematic questions have a fixed way of solving them and by applying one of techniques clearly explain by him made questions much more easy to solve. Mr Wu also starts by giving test papers that are close to the A levels standard and slowly increases the difficulties of the papers. This helped me built my confidence in tackling tricky and intimidating questions as I had a solid foundation. I was a slower learner and could not keep up with the pace which my school had been teaching. However, Mr Wu took time to explain each question and would consistently clarify if anyone has any doubts. Hence, this allowed me to have a clear understanding on tackling questions. Mr Wu’s extra questions which consolidated questions from different schools came in very handy. It exposed me to an amplitude of questions from each topic and helped me to have a better understanding of the different type of questions. The tricky part I feel about mathematics is making the first step in solving a question. However, being exposed to a variety of questions and with constant reminders on how to approach questions, I was able to overcome this challenge. Consultations after class helped me to clarify any doubts I had immediately. However I was only aware later into the year that I could have free 1-1 consultations on weekdays also. It would have been more beneficial if I was told clearly when I first joined the class. However, I felt that being able to ask Mr Wu questions on WhatsApp anytime was really beneficial. Mr Wu replies any questions we have with clarity even when it’s through text.

KoheiAnglo Chinese Junior College

I have always loved math but i never did well in it. However, after joining Leon in J2, his patience and guidance has allowed me to improve my grades greatly, achieving an A for both Prelims and Alevels. He is able to explain complex concepts in a simple and clear way, and his pace of teaching is neither too fast nor too slow. He would constantly engage students by asking us questions and would check to make sure every student understands and is able to keep up with his pace. His practice papers are highly effective as he would give us questions that are commonly tested in exams such that when we see it in exams, we will immediately know which method to use to solve it. Closer to the exams, he would prepare full papers and would give us assigned time to complete it by to make sure that we are ready for the time constraint in exams. Other than the time after class where we can ask him questions, he also has free 1-1 consultations where we can clear any doubts we have. Overall, I am very grateful towards Leon and without him, I believe i would not have been able to achieve my A.

YvelleVictoria Junior College

Mr Wu is a very dedicated and encouraging teacher, often helping me in and out of classes. He is readily contactable at almost any time of the day, even in the late hours of the day. His free 1-to-1 consultations and notes, on vectors especially, has helped me gain understanding of the topics easily. He also provides many practice papers which he tirelessly marks and goes through in class, widening my exposure to all the possible types of questuons that may appear in exams. Complex solutions and concepts are made simple by Mr Wu, rekindling my interest for math.

Kay RayAnglo Chinese Junior College

I joined Mr Wu’s class in the second half of J2. By then, I was really struggling to understand and keep up with the pace in school. We did practice papers weekly as it was nearing prelims and A levels. He would spend time going through every question in class and he ensured that all of us could understand before moving on. The answer keys provided were detailed enough for me to understand how to go about doing most questions without having to spend much time deliberating. If we had any questions, we could always stay back to clarify our doubts. If I faced any difficulty attempting questions at home, I could always Whatsapp Mr Wu and he would always reply. His weekly 1-1 consultations we had out of tuition time nearing A levels really helped greatly. His explanations were always succinct and provided a logical explanation which I could understand without much difficulty. I definitely would not have improved so much without the help of Mr Wu. Thank you Mr Wu for your patience and guidance!

SarahNational Junior College

Mr Wu is a passionate and motivated math tutor. The notes provided are concise and facilitates the ease of understanding the topic to a great extent. At the end of every topic, Mr Wu provides ample practise questions for me to grasp and lock down the concepts and readily offers free 1 to 1 consultation that is worked around my schedule. Thanks to his dedication and caring attitude, all of my doubts were cleared before my A levels which allowed me to succeed. Mr Wu is certainly someone who allowed me to take home something to think about rather than just homework.

Yun YunSt Andrew's Junior College

Mr Wu is an extremely patient tutor and is very detailed in his explanations. He gives us more than sufficient practice which I found very useful and satisfying to do. He also marks our work which allows us to know our exact mistakes. During consultations, he ensured that all my queries were met which was very helpful. Overall, despite the last minute participation in Mr Wu’s classes, he has allowed my H2 mathematics grade to improve drastically from never passing in school to getting distinction in the A level examinations.

DemiAnglo Chinese Junior College

Mr Wu has the innate ability to explain a complex concept seem so much easier. His patience and devotion to constantly explaining a concept that you don't understand makes learning math much more bearable and fun. Mr Wu's PowerBook highly catered to my learning needs that allowed me to effectively ace H2 math. Thanks Mr Wu!

DavidAnderson Junior College


Math has never been my strong suit. Throughout my first year in JC, I struggled to grasp the complex and abstract Mathematical concepts and subsequently scored consistent Ds in my exams. However, Mr Wu was able to help me overcome my fear of doing math and bridge my learning gaps. Mr Wu is a patient and dedicated tutor who is able to explain difficult concepts in a manner that I could clearly understand. He would always provide lots of resources for me, such as comprehensive topical notes, an extensive number of past year exam papers and a variety of extra practice questions in order to consolidate my understanding. All of these materials were integral in my A-level exam preparation. Whenever I made any mistakes, he would clearly explain the solution to me and help me find similar questions so that I would not repeat the same mistakes again. If I could not understand it at first, he would patiently find different ways to explain the solution to me until I could fully grasp the concept. Furthermore, he goes above and beyond a normal tutor. If I had any queries, he would be willing to answer my questions. Without his guidance and support, I would not have been able to pull my grades up from a D to an A. I am very grateful for all the help he has provided me!

AllysiaVictoria Junior College

When I first joined Leon last May, my Mathematics standard was nowhere close to satisfactory. Truth be told, before engaging in individual tuition sessions with Leon, I was resigned to having a mediocre math grade in the A level exams. However, in merely 5 months with Leon, through weekly individual sessions, I could develop and effectively relearn the whole array of content covered in JC and with relative ease as well. Leon’s style of breaking down complex topics into simple concepts and methods have both benefitted and amazed me, as only after 2-3 months with Leon, I could find myself keeping up with tutorials and assignments in class that I had previously struggled with. With Leon, I found myself being able to grasp and apply problem solving techniques to complex A level questions and his dedication in ensuring that I could understand and clarify all my doubts is unparalleled. Besides Leon’s incredible work ethic and teaching ability, the effective and targeted practices he provided through his special Powerbook was able to boost my ability and familiarity with prelim and A level questions which ensured that any questions faced in the actual A level papers would not be novel or unexpected. Overall, the 6 month ride with Leon has been nothing short of a pleasant surprise and I couldn’t be more glad that in barely 6 months, I was able to secure an A for math and Leon is definitely the first option for improving on one’s math results, regardless of previous foundations.

Bing ChengRaffles Junior College

I joined Mr Wu a few months into the start of my JC 2 year in 2016. Back then, my mathematics foundation was weak and I was struggling to apply the mathematical concepts to my work. I had a hard time completing math assignments and would spend up to an hour just for one question. I was scoring U and sometimes an S for my tests and early examinations, and sometimes if I was lucky, I would maybe score an E. However, I knew this would not do and joined his tuition which I learnt of after coming across his website. From the start to the end, he was an excellent teacher who made sure he attended to every student's needs and checking on our understanding by asking each of us questions during the lesson. He knew all our names - which I'm sure everyone can agree that few teachers bother knowing our names in group tuitions and cared for our individual welfares. He was clear in all his explanations, and made sure everyone understood it perfectly before moving on. Also, it surprised me that he marked our every assignment and gave us papers to do every week leading up to 'A' levels, to me, it was extremely helpful as it increased my exposure to various question techniques and styles, which was what helped me score an A's in A levels. Also, through his thorough explaining of each question - how exactly to go about attempting it, how to check your answer for those you could to make sure you got it right and secure the marks, I was able to apply the same concepts in my Prelims exams and 'A' levels, scoring As for both. Furthermore, his 1-to-1 consultations and 24/7 whatsapp service helped me clarify any doubts I had about school homework with him, which is a service that most other tuition centres may not readily provide outside the lesson time we paid for. Mr Wu is certainly a tuition teacher who cares more about his student's understanding and improvement in the subject rather than the monetary gains from conducting tuition lessons. He is very willing to give his own time to help us out. I am certainly blessed to have come across his tuition in such a crucial year and grateful for his teaching! Thank you Mr Wu for your sincerity and patience!

AngelineSt Andrew's Junior College

Mr Wu has taught me H2 maths when I was taking my A level as a private candidate. Throughout my JC life I have always been scoring U for maths. Maths was a subject which I thought that I would never pass in my life. I had never dreamt of getting distinction In Alevel. But after attending tuition classes with Mr Wu, I began to have confidence in myself. I got A grade in my Alevel exams. This was only possible because of the number of practices Mr Wu provided and the way he went through the papers every week. Mr Wu teaches his students special techniques and tricks in order to save time and arrive at the answer using the shortest way. The techniques are very important in the Alevel exam as it is necessary for one to manage time wisely. I have always missed out on time management skills and always had failed to complete the paper within time. But learning these tricks and also practicing the exam papers under time limit, greatly improved my time management skills and allowed me to complete the paper with sufficient time to check the paper. Also he had taught us ways to check our answer. I used most of the ways to check my answer in Alevel and that greatly helped me to avoid careless mistakes. Mr Wu always stays back after lessons to answer all the students doubts and questions regarding the paper that he has gone through. With great patience, Mr Wu explains the questions step by step and would never hesitate to explain again if we are not clear about the question. The free 1-1 consultations were very helpful to me. I identified 3 topics which I was very weak in and he went through the topics and gave me PowerBook for that topic. That was very helpful for me it had useful questions and full solutions to it. In conclusion, I would say Mr Wu is an excellent tutor for all students who are trying to achieve an A grade in H2 maths.

GeethaTampines Junior College

In the duration of attending Mr Wu's tuition, I was able to grasp the concepts taught in school more easily, especially with the teaching method used by Leon. He was meticulous in explanations and was patient when answering my queries. The practice questions that Leon provided were very apt too and were absolutely relevant to what was required in school. I have indeed made much progress in Mathematics with him as a tutor, and finally attained a distinction in the subjects in the A level examinations. I would definitely recommend Mr Wu to anyone who is struggling in Mathematics or would like to learn more about the subject.

VanessaSt Andrew's Junior College

Mr Leon has been a great help since I've joined his classes. His methodical explanation of math concepts helps me to better understand them. His notes covers the content required and the practice questions adequately test our comprehension of what has been taught. He freely gives 1 to 1 consultations which allow me to clarify any doubts I have. With his help, I have gained a better grasp on math which allowed me to do well in my A levels. Thank you Mr Leon!

MarcusRaffles Junior College

Mr wu has been a very patient and caring tutor, I was able to improve tremendously whilst I was under his guidance. I enjoyed his lessons thoroughly as it is very systematic such that after explaining a certain concept, he will go on to reinforce the concepts by showing us sample questions pertaining to the concepts explained. Furthermore, I find it extremely helpful as Mr Wu would always highlight common pitfalls and mistakes that students tend to make. In addition, Mr Wu is constantly prompt in replying my queries and would always offer to provide consultation whenever he feels that i require more help. In all, I would like to thank Mr wu's for his constant guidance and help!

WillisAnglo Chinese Junior College

Mr Wu is a patient and approachable tutor. He try his best to suit the needs of each student by using various teaching methods to make sure everyone understands the concept clearly before moving on. Even though the tution fees are reasonable, he complies many different sets of questions for different topics for in depth practice. His tips and shortcuts for solving math problems are really helpful! He is also willing to conduct individual consultations for his students in his own free time. I have definitely learnt a lot more from him and would recommend those who are weak in math to look for him!

SherlynSt Andrew's Junior College

Mr Wu has been a very effective tutor in the way he imparts concepts and techniques to his students, but to me the most important thing he taught me was the hardwork and consistency one had to put in in order to do well in the A levels. He provides a variety of practices of a progressive nature such that I could gradually build up my skill and confidence in problem solving.Additionally his practices and notes featured highly relevant common exam question types which helped to train me to identify and solve it easily. Furthermore his free consultations were helpful in allowing me to clear any doubts I had regarding math in general. Last but not least his special Tailored Jc question package worked wonders in allowing me to excel in school as well. Overall Mr Wu is a great tutor and I would like to thank him for helping me improve my mathematics and I highly recommend him to anyone who feels like they need an extra push to achieve that A!

ElvisNational Junior College

Mr Wu taught me H2 maths for 2 years. Before I started his tuition, I scored a U for my maths throughout my J1. After attending his classes, I managed to get a D for my first block test and my grades continued to jump up from then on, with me getting a B for my prelims to eventually getting an A for my A levels. Mr Wu is able to simplify and clearly explain the hardest mathematical concepts even better than school tutors. He is very patient in explaining and teaching us new mathematical concepts, giving us ease to ask him questions or to clarify any of our doubts. He is also able to come up with strategies and systematic methods in order to solve a question which is extremely useful during examinations. Futhermore, he is also able to come up with alternative solutions in a short period of time when we are unable to understand the normal method of solving the question, thus showing how he is very thorough in explaining the solutions to us in a method that is of the best fit for us. He manages our revision very well by providing us with notes and mathematical questions that are also in line with the demands of the A level questions.He is also very hardworking and compiles topical TYS questions from schools for us to do in order to assist us even further in our revision and with constant practise of those questions one will definitely be able to excel in their examinations. As such, with the great amount of notes and help that he has provided, I find that his tuition fees are very reasonable and every amount spent has been worth it with the great improvement I’ve made with his help. Therefore, with his great depth of knowledge in maths and clarity, there isnt anyone else better suited in teaching the subject than Mr Wu and his tuition is definitely one of the biggest contributor in me getting an A for maths in my A levels.

SofinaAnderson Junior College


2003 - 2015

Mr Wu taught me H2 math for 2 years. Despite having been relatively weak in math since O levels, I managed to achieve distinction in my final year A level exam. Mr Wu's dedication is unparalleled. He provided me with the essential support which I needed, where and when school tutors could not - offering many approaches to the very same question asked. His method of teaching is simplified and logical, and he gives his students maximum ease at clarifying any kind of question one may have, even if he has already gone through it 3 to 4 times with you previously. Mr Wu commits himself to understand his student's strengths and weaknesses. He keeps a keen eye on upcoming tests and manages the revisions of his students. Under his tutelage, I have been able to direct attention to my other subjects as well. His immense experience in math tuition has made him an efficient tutor; one thing that never fails to amaze me is the incredulously short period of time he formulates a solution to unseen problems. Even then, as long as preparation is done, one can be assured that every minute in tuition never goes to waste.

Ethan LimAnderson Junior College

Mr Wu was my mathematics teacher. Before his tuition, I scored a U in Math. However, after attending his tuition, my grades shot up to a C after the first semester. It further shot up to a B during my prelims and finally to an A for my A levels. His method of teaching is truly the best I have seen. He is able to formulate alternative “back-up” solutions to problems in case we did not know the “normal” way of solving problems. He taught us effective strategies to check that the answers we had were definitely correct. He is very thorough in explaining to us solutions to a problem and understands the A level syllabus very well. He is very hardworking and painstakingly compiles many problem sets for us to do. Not only is he persistent but also patient to explain to us solutions in a very clear and concise manner. His clarity, insight and knowledge in Math is impeccable. An added bonus is that the tuition fees are reasonable and the tuition itself is worth the money and time I spent on. In conclusion, his tuition is definitely effective as shown from the significant improvement made in just one year.

VictoriaSt Andrew's Junior College

I was confident and proud to say my Math was good during my O's. But the same story did not happen as I stepped into JC. Suddenly I felt lost. Soon after my first block test in J1 which I could barely score a D, i realized it was high time to look for help. I was glad I've found Power Mathematics! Leon had allowed me to sit in for a first trial lesson. I found his teaching easy to understand and the notes given were concise. These had made me decide to continue with the centre, and without regrets... During those times of teaching, Leon had proven his excellent knowledge in Math and patience in teaching. He was also committed in spending extra time before/after tuition class for individual consultation. This was certainly helpful esp when I faced difficulty in my school tutorials. For the A that I've scored for Math, it's consistent practice that Leon had always reminded us to do. I certainly have to acknowledge and give thanks to the benefits that I have gained from his teachings! Cheers.

JeanMeridian Junior College

Leon was my maths tutor. Through Leon’s teaching, I have been able to score A in Maths. However, what impressed me the most about Leon was that he is passionate about teaching and is willing to go that extra mile for his students. It has been 5 years since I knew Leon, but I still keep in touch with Leon. In fact, I have requested for him to tutor my sister, Jessalyn Chan, who is 2 years younger than me to help her at her H2 Mathematics, and he did not disappoint me. He has taught my sister from 2007 to 2009, and she got an A for her H2 Maths. Both of us are now doing our undergraduate studies together at National University of Singapore. Leon has proved himself, time and time again, to be an exceptional teacher. I would definitely recommended Leon to anyone serious in doing well for their A Level Maths, as I did for my sister. I am confident, beyond any doubt, that Leon will be able to help you achieve your goals.

Jimmy Chan (Further Maths)Catholic Junior College

Leon has truly been a blessing in my life. I had failed math in my promos in JC1. But since Leon started teaching me, I managed to get A for Math in my A Levels. Grasping the concepts was much easier through Leon’s help, as he could explain them in a simple and easily understandable way. Leon was very familiar with the A Level syllabus, probably due to his vast teaching experience and numerous students. He also had lots of prelim papers from the various JCs. But more importantly, he was extremely patient and kind, even if I was a bit slow in understanding some of the concepts. He would explain from various vantage points till I understood it. Most of all, he was incredibly dedicated, voluntarily staying behind when I needed extra help, and most especially during the exam period. I would strongly commend him and his tuition centre to anyone, weak or strong in Math.

Rui Wen (Further Maths)Victoria Junior College

Mr Wu guided me during my A level year, diligently preparing material for me to practice for each session. A teacher that did not only mark my papers and guide me through them, but also taught me how each question was relevant to the exam, what to expect for that type of question and how to prepare for it. He taught me how to tackle the paper not simply by knowing how to do each type of question, but also by understanding what mathematic skill each question is trying to test, while he ensured that I had the skills necessary to ensure I did well in this exam. He is extremely approachable, and it is easy to pose any kind of question no matter how basic or embarrassing it might be. He is also well versed in the A level syllabus, and can easily solve a question posed on the spot while answering any queries you might have. A truly valuable aide in preparing for the A levels.

Roy AngHua Chong Junior College

Mr Wu is one of the best tutors I have had. When I have many doubts and questions to ask him, he patiently guides me through and I think this is what makes him stand out as a tuition teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable in Math, and can answer any question without fail. I think that the notes that he prepared also helped greatly in my preparation for A levels, especially the short and clear nature of the notes. It was very useful, especially when I needed a quick summary and reminder a few hours before my Math exam.

SandraCatholic Junior College

I learnt how to solve questions in the shortest possible time, using time-saving methods that are not emphasised in school. The notes and practice problems provided are much better than my school materials. They focused on getting the key ideas across without much confusion. Also, Mr Wu’s commitment to preparing tuition materials and marking my homework surprised me, since at that time he was a busy undergrad at NUS. With sound teaching strategy and from working on the tuition materials and constant encouragement, my grades improved and I developed more interest in math.

Issac (Further Maths)Tampines Junior College

Leon has provided tremendous help in helping me score an A for my math in the 2012 A levels. His teachings were straight to the point and concise in explaining what you need to know, which helped me get a better picture of a topic after a math lecture in school. After teaching a topic, he would provide sample questions from various JCs past year papers to allow me to be familiar with common questions and how to tackle them in the simplest way. Doing his tutorials regularly and noting down key mistakes has allowed me to strengthen my foundation in core topics and provided time for me to focus on my other subjects as well (as I did not have to consistently relearn and refresh math topics taught in school months ago). He is regularly updated with changes in the syllabus and can answer questions efficiently. With Leon's help, learning math in JC and scoring in examinations will be much easier with anyone seeking a math tutor.

AlcineDunman High School

Leon was my tutor for the A Level H2 mathematics from 2007-2008. My foundational knowledge was relatively weak and had some difficulty coping when I first started math tuition. Leon was quick to identify this key problem area, and he patiently guided me through every lesson, giving clear, systematic and logical explanations. This made challenging concepts easy to grasp, and I soon found maths a subject enjoyable and easy to score. Leon is also well-versed with the A level syllabus. Beyond the mathematical concepts, he taught me how to identify and solving the various question types for each topic. He also gives essential tips and shortcuts, which helped me to solve problems with speed and ace the exams. He also constantly recaps key concepts before major school exams and towards the A levels, a teaching style which I find very helpful in optimising exam preparations. Besides being knowledgeable, Leon is friendly and approachable. His interactive teaching style stimulates participation and active thinking, and I always found it easy to ask questions whenever in doubt. Under his dedicated guidance, I managed to score and A for the A Level mathematics. In short, Leon is a highly experienced math tutor who is approachable and is able to tailor his teaching style to suit the needs of individual students. I would definitely recommend him to any student who wishes to ace A Level mathematics.

Jessalyn ChanDunman High School

From 2007 to 2008,I was studying in junior college and was tutored by Leon. Before that my foundation in Math was not strong.I also avoided doing consistent practice and as a result often forgot concepts and formulae. Leon is a very competent,committed and patient tutor.His explanations are clear and he concisely summarizes each topic into key points/areas to take note of,and teaches various ways to tackle a question fast and efficiently.

Jia XinPioneer Junoir College

Mr Wu's teaching is very unique and clear. He is good at summarizing each chapter that we have covered, ensuring that we have grasped the basic concepts properly. He ensures that we are exposed to all types of questions and are able to tackle them in the most efficient way. Mr Wu also has a very good understanding of the H2 Math syllabus and is thus able to provide appropriate tips about each topic. I highly recommend using his self made notes as they have served as an excellent tool during my revision! Mr Wu's dedication in helping his students to improve is evident through his actions. He utilises different media such as WhatsApp to ensure that we can approach him whenever we are in doubt. Moreover, Mr Wu is willing to stay back after lessons to go through concepts we were unsure of and work out any questions we could not solve. My H2 Math grades improved dramatically to an A during the A levels. This would not have been possible if not for the encouragement and help provided along the way by Mr Wu, and I would like to use this opportunity to thank him for that.

JingyingAnderson Junoir College