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Struggling to cope with H2 Maths? Here are some solutions for you!

It is commonplace for students to struggle with H2 Maths considering the number of new concepts to take in. H2 Maths is a humongous jump from both Additional Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics in Secondary School. The amount of time required to fully understand concepts and learn how to apply them to different question types is also a far cry from what it was before, and it is thus unsurprising that students have a pretty hard time grasping these concepts. Luckily, there being solutions for all Maths problems, there are solutions for students struggling with H2 Maths as well.

1. Sign up for H2 Maths Tuition

This is the solution students frequently turn to when teachers in school are unable to provide them with the sufficient support they need to enhance their understanding of H2 Maths. Signing up for H2 Maths Tuition is an effective and a go-to solution when all else fails. Be it private or a group H2 Maths Tuition, having the additional support would be handy for students, especially the more reserved students who are more hesitant about speaking up in class to clarify their doubts. Parents can let their child’s H2 Maths Tuition teacher know of their weaknesses at H2 Maths and inform them of special requests in order to foster a more conducive learning environment for their child.

2. Don’t forget to practice

Practice is key for those aspiring to excel at Mathematics. No one can be good at something they have zilch experience with. Practice is essential, specifically for subjects such as Mathematics, which require more than pure regurgitation of information and memory work. You can consider purchasing Ten Year Series from bookstores and also search for practice papers from other Junior Colleges. There can be a number of question types for each concept in H2 Maths, so it is important to expose yourself to as much as feasibly possible.

3. Clarify your doubts

This goes without saying, when you meet with a question or concept you’re uncertain about, don’t wait to clarify your doubts or else your uncertainties will end up piling up. Be it emailing your tutor or dropping a friend a text, don’t turn away the help that are at your fingertips. Some H2 Maths Tuition offer consultation sessions as well, so instead of seeking your own school teachers out for consultation, this would be another helpful avenue for your queries to be answered.