How to Coach your Child towards Excellence

Parents, what does the term “excellence” mean to you? Does it comprise of only academic excellence or does it connote something more? Speaking from experience, academic excellence appears [...]

Ways to Tackle Stress in H2 Maths Study

Examination stress is something that is commonly experienced by all students when examinations are drawing near. Is it a good thing to feel stressed? According to Psychology Today, research has shown that exposure [...]

Choosing the Best JC Math Tuition

There are so many JC Math Tuition to choose from, ranging from private to small groups and you may be clueless as to where to begin searching. Usually, a quick keyword search on Google will provide you with [...]

Encouraging a Growth Mindset and Identifying Stressors

It is a common perception that guys perform better than girls for Mathematics and that girls are more inclined towards the Arts and Biology. However, individuals should not be limited by societal expectations. Such blind ideologies only do more harm than good and should be permanently [...]

Securing an A for H2 Math this COVID-19 Season

To JC2 students sitting for their ‘A’ Level Examinations this year, are you worried about how you are going to score an A for H2 Math? Things may seem bleak when face-to-face lessons have reverted back to being online and you are no longer to attend classes physically [...]

Further Tips for Attaining a Distinction in H2 Mathematics

In order to ace any subject, in particular, H2 Maths, consistency is key. Consistency is a common struggle that students face and most of the time, students have no clue where to begin. It would be tremendously helpful [...]

Learning Alongside your Peers (H2 Maths Tuition)

Today we will be exploring some ways in which we can grow alongside our peers and strive to perform well for the ‘A’ Levels examinations together. Friendship can be a double-edged sword; the right group of friends [...]

Fundamental Differences between H2 Maths and H1 Maths

It goes without saying that a pass in H1 or H2 Mathematics is an essential minimum entry requirement for most courses in universities. This article intends to summarise the key differences between H2 Maths and H1 [...]

How to study this Circuit Breaker

Studying can be a chore and learning new knowledge at this point of time can be a hassle when you have limited access to resources. Reaching your teachers can be hard as the only point of contact is emails [...]

JC Math Tuition in Singapore

Math Tuition is extremely popular, if not, the most sought after subject for tuition in Singapore. This is unsurprising considering how complicated mathematical concepts can be. Students often find it hard [...]

How to Choose the Right H2 Maths Crash Course

Has it been a while since you last looked through your lecture notes for H2 Maths and to your horror, the jumble of words does not make any sense to you? You mistakenly thought that a few months would be enough time to relearn the topics you failed to pay attention [...]

Exam Tips for H2 Mathematics

The following tips are a summary aimed at helping you maximise your marks during the examination itself, ones that your H2 Maths Tuition Teachers or H2 JC Maths teachers frequently remind you of, but have never penned [...]

Other than grades, what can be an indicator of my child’s understanding of JC Mathematics?

Presently, schools are shifting their focus away from examinations as the sole, once crucial means to test a child’s capability. Society is making more of an effort to outwardly acknowledge that talent can exist in many forms and that the definition of talent is no longer constrained to academic talent. The first wave of change to be implemented was the removal [...]

Should I sign my child up for A Level Maths Tuition during the Holidays?

This is a common question on the mind of many parents, especially for ones whose child has yet to be enrolled in any JC Maths Tuition yet. Most parents tend to enlist the help of JC Maths tutors when their child hits the second year of Junior College in preparation for A Level at the end of the year ahead or when their child has been frequently [...]

How to gauge where you’re at for H2 Math

Sadly, the truth of reality is that you are not your greatest competitor for ‘A’ Levels. Given that papers are graded on a bell curve basis, the people around you are. Students can try to perform their best and may attain the highest score they’ve gotten throughout their academic life in Junior College, but may still end up [...]

I failed my end of year H2 Math examination. Should I consider dropping it to a H1?

This is a dilemma repeatedly faced by rising JC2 students. After attaining a less than satisfactory grade for their H2 Math examination, they are worried about whether they can attain a satisfactory grade for the upcoming GCE ‘A’ Level examinations. More often than not, students tend to be short-sighted in their considerations and [...]

Redoing H2 Math – what should I do different this time round?

Since students can only repeat their second year in Junior College only if they fail General Paper or a H2 Subject, redoing another year in their Junior College is not a choice for many since most pass their subjects, albeit with varying grades. As such, those who opt to retake ‘A’ Levels end up retaking as private candidates. [...]