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To come out on top in JC Maths, find joy in what you’re doing.

We often look upon others who are “high achievers” with envy and bemoan our current status at life. Our accomplishments seem miniscule and self-impacting as compared to theirs, some of which brings fame to their academic institution and makes life-changing differences to the lives of others. But how will we ever come out on top if we unendingly compare ourselves to the people around us? Is your idea of perfection excellent grades? Recognition from even strangers? Acknowledgement of your worth by the general population? Then, the next imperative question to be asked is: Will you ever reach that desired state of perfection if it is ever changing given that it is based off what others around you achieve?

1. Find joy in what you are doing

Letting go of the urge to compare whenever you see someone achieve something you don’t, will be no easy feat. The urge will repeatedly return to hound you, no matter how hard you try to fend it off. Frankly speaking, it will always remain lurking at the back of your mind. But you can be better than that, it is not insurmountable, as most things are with proper training and determination. Find joy and pride in the things you can do and the things you take interest in. Never forget that you live and dictate your own life. Your life is your own story to write. You are you and they are them. No two people are the same and this fact all the more supplements the idea that no one is less worthy than the other.

2. Focus on yourself

So you want to finally get that “elusive” A in Mathematics? Then stop comparing yourself to the classmate next to you who never seems to fail his or her tests and instead do exceedingly well each time round. Start focusing on yourself, your shortfalls, find out the areas you’re weak in so that you can work to improve them.

3. Get help if you need

If need be, find a JC Maths Tuition Tutor whom you can work on your areas of improvement with. Doing so is chiefly important if you are truly struggling with Mathematics and have been flunking your papers each time round. There are many JC Maths Tuition Teachers in the market, so find someone who relates to you and is genuinely committed to fighting this academic battle with you. Find a JC Maths Tuition relatively close to your home so that you will not waste too much time travelling and a JC Maths Tuition Teacher who is able to offer you a wealth of information and support. Experience tutors are always handy since they will be more familiar with the various question types that ‘A’ Level Examiners love to test.

To conclude this article, here’s a parting advice: Enjoy what you’re doing, for you’ll only have the opportunity to do some things in life once. Don’t be afraid to try and fall, there’s only so many times you will trip and fall before you get the hang of clearing rocky bumps.