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JC Math Tuition in Singapore

Math Tuition is extremely popular, if not, the most sought after subject for tuition in Singapore. This is unsurprising considering how complicated mathematical concepts can be. Students often find it hard to grasp and apply the new mathematic concepts and thus experience difficulty solving questions. Unfortunately, many end up flunking examinations and as such, require the additional help JC Math Tuition provides.

Most parents find it a struggle to identify a suitable JC Math tuition teacher for their child. They are uncertain as to whether private or group JC Math Tuition classes will be a good fit for their child. They are also unsure whether or not to send their child to the more renowned tuition centres or whether the less known ones would equally suffice.

This article aims to provide aid to parents during the tedious process of selecting a suitable JC Math Tuition for their child.

Different types of JC Math Tuition in Singapore

There are two types of JC Math Tuition available to choose from:

1. Group Tuition

2. Private Tuition

1. Group Tuition

Typically, sending their child for group JC Math tuition is a more popular choice amongst parents. Group JC Math tuition is a comparatively more affordable to private JC Math tuition. Private JC Math tuition tends to be significantly more expensive and can cost up to two to three times the price of a group tuition.

There are a few JC Math Tuition centres that are widely known for successfully helping students jump grades. These tuition centres have excellent reputation and many parents aspire to be able to send their children to these tuition centres. However, slots are very limited and sell out in a snap of a finger. Parents have to be attentive to registration dates to avoid disappointment. They must also be prepared to set aside larger sums due to the heftier tuition fees that are demanded by these JC Math Tuition Centres.

Furthermore, because of the immense popularity of JC Math Tuition classes at these centres, the class size is usually rather large and can compare to a typical JC class size in some cases. Students may find it rather intimidating to voice out their questions and clarify their doubts. This can be a downside for quieter students.

Additionally, successful enrolment in classes does not guarantee your child a good grade. Since lessons are less personalised, students who require individual attention and specific guidance from teachers will find themselves falling behind.

As such, group JC Math tuition may not be the best option for a shy student. Nevertheless, group tuition may still be suitable if the class size is small. Generally, group JC Math tuition will be the most effective for students who learn best in groups. Students not only benefit from questions they ask themselves, but also questions asked by their peers. They can potentially clarify doubts that they themselves were not aware about initially.

Many JC Math Tuition teachers in the market are actually ex-MOE teachers. They therefore have the necessary qualifications and are well-versed with the ‘A’ Levels syllabus. Nonetheless, some JC Math tuition teachers started out as tuition teachers from the very beginning and were never employed by MOE. Sometimes, teachers may also be undergraduate students or retired professionals who decided to pick up tutoring. Hence, parents who are concerned about this and consider qualifications of a teacher as a material factor should call up ahead to check before signing up their child for JC Math Tuition classes at any particular centre.

Parents should also take into consideration the teaching styles of each teacher. Some teachers focus more on giving in class assignments and going through them rather than re-teaching content taught in school. This may be helpful for some students but not others. Some students may lack basic foundation and hence prioritise relearning of content in JC Math Tuition classes. On the other hand, some students are more ambitious. Their purpose of signing up for JC Math Tuition class is to increase exposure to a greater variety of questions in order to secure a distinction for Math at ‘A’ Levels.

Moreover, some tuition centres do not have the culture of giving out homework and all work is to be done in class. Not every tuition teacher provides marking of assignments too and students are responsible for checking their own working against the answer key given. Some JC Math tuition centres are also more resourceful than others and have many past year papers from the different Junior Colleges at their disposal. This is extremely advantageous given that some Junior Colleges invest in spotting of questions for that year’s paper and this could come in handy for students.

Some JC Math tuition centres also offer trial lessons. Some centres offer them for free while others offer them at a discounted rate. This is ideal as students will be able to discover if the teaching style and pace of a class is suitable for them before committing for a month’s worth of tuition.

Parents should also consider the location of the JC Math Tuition centre and whether it’s accessible from their area of residence or their child’s Junior College. Time is precious and there is no need to travel such far distances just for tuition. Time could be better spent on revision and restful activities.

2. Private Tuition

Parents can consider hiring private JC Math Tuition teachers for their child if they are financially able to do so. The individual attention and personalised lessons are not easily replaceable by group JC Math tuition and students stand to greatly benefit from private lessons.

Parents can seek out a JC Math Tuition teacher through tuition agencies or find one themselves. Some JC Math Tuition Centres, especially the smaller branches offer private lessons at higher rates.Parents can seek out a JC Math Tuition teacher through tuition agencies or find one themselves. Some JC Math Tuition Centres, especially the smaller branches offer private lessons at higher rates.

Since there are many tuition agencies in the market, it is important to look for one that is trustworthy and responsive. Some tuition agencies charge for their services while others provide free services to clients. A quality tuition agency would be able to provide clients with answers to their queries, such as track records and past performances of their teachers.

This reflects their dedication to providing top notch tuition service to their clients. Parents can find out more by reading reviews about identified tuition agencies to discover the legitimacy of services provided.

It is also recommended to use the services of an established tuition agency which have a large number of tuition teachers in their database. This would allow parents to find a JC Math tuition teacher who is the best fit for their child.

In the search for a suitable private JC Math tuition teacher for your child, it will be good to consider the teacher’s experience level and rates. When hiring private tuition teachers, it is important to find one that is highly qualified considering the amount of money being paid.

The teacher should be familiar with the syllabus and should be able to tackle any question asked without qualms. This is especially so for JC Math, which undergoes numerous syllabus changes across the years. The teacher should be familiar with marking points and specific working requirements. This is extremely crucial since markers tend to be very critical and stringent when it comes to proper presentation of workings for JC Math.


To round off this article, it is imperative to identify the needs of your child before making this important decision of selecting a suitable JC Math tuition for your child. Do consult your child’s opinions and find out about his or her preferences before searching for a tuition teacher. This will definitely help to narrow the search for a good JC Math tuition teacher.