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How to Choose the Right H2 Maths Crash Course

Has it been a while since you last looked through your lecture notes for H2 Maths and to your horror, the jumble of words does not make any sense to you? You mistakenly thought that a few months would be enough time to relearn the topics you failed to pay attention in class for. You had intended to spend your December school holidays cooped up at home relearning the concepts you are unfamiliar with, but instead, you spent most of it procrastinating and going out with your friends.

You are now worried and frantic for you are no longer fresh blood and you are sitting for your ‘A’ Levels Examinations later this year. You truly wonder how you are going to improve on your subjects, especially H2 Maths, which you have been getting ‘U’ and ‘S’ for. Thankfully, you come across some online advertisements by tuition centres offering H2 Maths crash courses. You think of signing yourself up for one and your parents are fully supportive of you doing so as well – but there’s an abundance of choices and you are not too sure which exactly to pick out.

Thus, this article aims to give you a hand and provide you with some pointers that will aid you in selecting the right H2 Maths crash course so that you will be able to make a more informed choice about which to sign up for.

1. Time Span

Some H2 Maths crash courses run throughout the span of a few months instead of it all being scheduled in the same month. It may be hard for you to commit to such intensive classes as you have classes to attend to and Co-Curricular Activities are still ongoing. Most classes end late this year as your School Teachers are hoping to end the syllabus early so that they can begin on revision. It may be ideal for you to choose a crash course that accommodates your schedule as you would want to make sure that you do not burn yourself out. This is especially crucial at this point of time as you need enough focus to get through the school year. Besides relearning past H2 Maths topics, you have to learn new concepts on top of that. Overloading your own schedule may result in deterioration of energy levels and also your willpower. Do ensure that you have enough time to relax and recuperate. You need the time to exercise and to get adequate sleep as well. However, if your schedule has enough time to fit a few weeks of intensive H2 Maths crash course lessons, this is preferable since you will be able to cover the requisite content earlier, do some practice papers on those topics and then clarify your doubts with your own teachers at school.

2. Ability to choose Topics

Some H2 Maths crash courses gives you the flexibility to choose certain topics that you are weaker in instead of requiring you to sign up for the whole package. This means that you will only have to pay for the lessons you are interested in attending. This is a better deal, while some tuition centres try to promote the idea that it is beneficial for students to revisit topics that they are already good at, it would be advisable for students to do this at their own time. Students know their own academic capabilities best and will have a better idea on how to better allocate their time. This time is much better spent on subjects or topics that they are truly clueless about and struggling to understand or learning new topics. Time is limited and it would be more affordable for their parents as well. Tuition in general is not cheap.

3. Choosing the Right Tuition Centre

It is important to choose the right Tuition Centre and to find an experienced H2 Maths tutor who will be able to offer you the appropriate support you need. Not all tutors are as qualified as others and hence may not be able to disseminate information as well. Hence, it is vital to find out more about the tutor’s background before you sign up for that particular H2 Maths crash course.

Some questions you can ask are:

  1. What is the tutor’s academic background?
  2. How long has the tutor been teaching for?
  3. What is the tutor’s past record of improvement for the students he has taught?

You should also have in mind the fees charged by the Tuition Centre and whether it is competitive. High prices do not necessarily mean better services provided. It would be good to find H2 Math Crash courses that provide you with plenty of materials and take-home questions that you can practice in your own time even after the curriculum ends.

4. Whether the Tuition Centre offers trial lessons

It would be good if you are able to attend a trial lesson before committing to signing up for an entire package of H2 Maths crash course, especially if you are unable to select the topics you are weaker at. You would want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth and will not be paying for nothing. By attending a trial lesson, you will be able to see how the lessons go and whether it is suitable for you.

Some essential things you can look out for during the lesson are:

  1. Whether the tutor is responsive towards the class and is able to identify when students are lost.
  2. Whether the tutor encourages questions from students.
  3. Whether the tutor engages the students and poses questions for them to answer.
  4. Whether the tutor is clear in his or her explanation and is able to answer any question asked promptly.
  5. Whether the materials provided contain in-depth explanation of concepts and a variety of questions to test yourself with.
  6. Whether the tutor allows you to stay behind after class to clarify your doubts.


All in all, it is highly beneficial for you to enroll for a H2 Maths crash course if you need the extra help. We hope that this article has shed light and answered some of your burning questions.