Redoing A Level H2 Math – what should I do different this time round?

Since students can only repeat their second year in Junior College only if they fail General Paper or a H2 Subject, redoing another year in their Junior College is not a choice for many since most pass their subjects, albeit with varying grades. As such, those who opt to retake ‘A’ Levels end up retaking as private candidates.

These private candidates can choose self-directed learning, where they make use of their old materials to guide their learning and also redo ten-year series papers. They can consider approaching their previous JC tutors to get information of new updates to the syllabus as well as that year’s prelim papers to attempt. However, their JC tutors may not always be available to provide them with round the clock support given that they have a new batch of students to focus on. Additionally, it may be the school’s protocol to not offer additional aid to even old students, for fear of information and materials exclusive to their school spreading and overwork of tutors.

It is also unwise to wing their second attempt at ‘A’ Levels examination all by themselves. Repeat candidates should consider taking up tuition for the H2 Subjects they did worse in so that they can have an improved understanding of the subject.

For students struggling with H2 Math, they can consider taking up H2 Math Tuition, even though it is a common belief that Math can be practiced by themselves. Frankly speaking, it is hard to obtain resources such as other Junior Colleges’ Preliminary Examinations papers as compared to previously in Primary School and maybe even Secondary School, where papers can be purchased from printing shops. They could even get their hands on notes from H2 Math Tuition Centres, which could possibly be a better reference and guide as compared to their own Junior College’s notes. To source for an effective and affordable H2 Math Tuition, repeat candidates could approach those who did decently for ‘A’ levels in order to get recommendations of good H2 Math Tuition Centres or private tutors.