I failed my end of year A Level H2 Math examination. Should I consider dropping it to a H1?

This is a dilemma repeatedly faced by rising JC2 students. After attaining a less than satisfactory grade for their H2 Math examination, they are worried about whether they can attain a satisfactory grade for the upcoming GCE ‘A’ Level examinations. More often than not, students tend to be short-sighted in their considerations and it slips their mind that many University Courses require a pass in H2 Mathematics as an entry requirement. As such, it is imperative for students to take this into consideration since many doors will be closed upon such a decision.

Not to fret, there is an alternative solution of going for crash courses offered by H2 Math Tuition Centres over the December Holidays to pull up their socks and relearn the concepts they may have skimped on when studying. The topics in Year One as compared to Year Two are not as intellectually demanding, and given the reintroduction of Further Mathematics, many of the more tedious concepts have been removed from the H2 Math Syllabus. Therefore, it is advised for students to not simply give up and drop from a H2 Math at the end of the year to H1. If all fails, students can opt to drop their H2 Math closer to Prelims instead. H1 Math is much simpler compared to H2 Math, and concepts covered in H2 Math will encompass those covered in H1 Math. As such, students will actually have an advantage at H1 Math as compared to their counterparts who took H1 Math from the very beginning.

Students can look for suitable H2 Math Tuition by doing online searches and also asking for recommendations from their friends. They could also ask their parents to ask around their circle of friends to see if they would recommend any particular H2 Math Tuition Centre. It is important to find a H2 Math Tuition that is effective since you are going to pay for it and attending ineffectual H2 Math Tuition would be a waste of precious time and money. It is absolutely crucial for students to maximise their End of Year break to brush up the concepts that they are weak at so that they will not get in the way of their understanding of new materials.