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Other than grades, what can be an indicator of my child’s understanding of JC Mathematics?

Presently, schools are shifting their focus away from examinations as the sole, once crucial means to test a child’s capability. Society is making more of an effort to outwardly acknowledge that talent can exist in many forms and that the definition of talent is no longer constrained to academic talent. The first wave of change to be implemented was the removal of tests and examinations for Primary One and Two students. It should thus not come as a surprise to parents should Primary Schools decide to reduce the number of tests and examinations for later years and if Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges too follow their lead. So if there comes a time where examinations and tests are reduced to a minimum, how then should parents’ gauge their child’s performance in JC Mathematics and determine if they are on track?

1. Whether they take enthusiasm in participating in class

To find out if this is indeed the case, it would be helpful for parents to communicate with their child’s teachers during Meet the Parents sessions. Such dialogues are incredibly useful for inquiries particular to their child’s performance in school to be answered. Questions such as “Has my child been handing up homework consistently?” or “Has my child been clarifying his or her doubts” can be asked to get the conversation started. If your child attends a JC Math Tuition as well, it would be useful to communicate with his or her tuition teacher too.

2. Whether your child practices questions outside those assigned by tutors

The amount of interest your child takes in JC Mathematics can be good indicator of his or her performance. If your child shows a high level of enthusiasm in bettering his understanding of JC Mathematics by practicing questions outside of those in homework assignments, this shows that your child is genuinely interested in the subject. Having interest would usually translate into good performance since the subject is viewed with favour and as the saying goes “practice makes perfect” when an individual is exposed to a variety of question types.

If one is unsure about where to begin, additional questions can be obtained by purchasing Ten Year Edition JC Mathematics Series from bookstores. Papers from other Junior Colleges can also be obtained by signing up for JC Math Tuition.

3. Whether they vocalise it to you

Often, children will vocalise any difficulties they face with regards to coping to their parents. As such, parents should provide children with a listening ear and be attentive to their needs. Should they have problems coping, parents can consider sending their child for JC Math Tuition.