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Should I sign my child up for A Level Maths Tuition during the Holidays?

This is a common question on the mind of many parents, especially for ones whose child has yet to be enrolled in any JC Maths Tuition yet. Most parents tend to enlist the help of JC Maths tutors when their child hits the second year of Junior College in preparation for A Level at the end of the year ahead or when their child has been frequently failing Mathematics at school.

However, does this always have to be the case? It is often mistaken that tuition is only relevant and useful when one struggles with a subject. Although that is undeniably true, having JC Maths Tuition from the very beginning would help to strengthen one’s understanding of the subject and hence, cultivate a solid foundation.

Therefore, there is never a right timing to sign up for JC Maths Tuition. Each individual differs and thus requires different levels of support. Even if one does not plan to commit to tuition throughout the year, parents can consider signing their children up for crash courses offered by certain JC Maths Tuition Centres. Centres differ on flexibility – some centres allow students to sign up for certain topics while other centres require them to sign up for their entire package. The choice would then lie with their parents’ as to whether or not they are willing to fork out that sum of money to enrol in crash courses. It is recommended that parents select Tuition Centres that allow this flexibility since the learning styles of individuals differ and one tutor may very well suit one individual but not the other. The size of the group should not be too large as well, while parents tend to be attracted to renowned tutors famed for having the ability to help students’ jump grades, their popularity does not necessarily translate into excellent teaching methods. Furthermore, students may not have the opportunity to clarify their doubts in the case of large groups and classes eventually end up being more self-directed rather than participative.

As such, given the amount of free time one has available during school holidays, parents should serious considering enrolling their children for JC Maths Tuition even if it is a once off thing.