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How to gauge where you’re at for A Level H2 Math

Sadly, the truth of reality is that you are not your greatest competitor for ‘A’ Levels. Given that papers are graded on a bell curve basis, the people around you are. Students can try to perform their best and may attain the highest score they’ve gotten throughout their academic life in Junior College, but may still end up being outperformed by others. As such, it is imperative for students to get a grip of reality and also attempt to gauge where they stand amongst their peers.

To do so, students should take assignments, tests and examinations very seriously. They should use their results as an indicator of their standing. Typically, junior colleges provide students with a percentile, which shows their standing in the level for that particular subject. A good percentile would be one that is above 80, which means that you will most likely able to secure an A for ‘A’ Levels when pitched against the nation. However, some Junior Colleges may have scraped that by now, so it would be helpful to approach your subject tutor to get a rough idea of where you’re at currently. Otherwise, students should just try to get as high as a mark as possible to play on the safe side.

On the other hand, students can gauge their standing amongst others by going for H2 Math Tuition. Since tuition would comprise of students from the various Junior Colleges, one can rank their performance if the particular H2 Math Tuition Centre has tests or assignments for students. This is the case most of the time and similarly, students should approach their H2 Math Tuition teachers to find out their standing in their class and also their weaknesses so that they can use this valuable feedback and work on themselves accordingly.

Additionally, students can also time themselves whilst doing questions. Since Math is about getting questions completed fast and accurately given the time limit, being able to complete questions quickly and correctly would show their capability at the subject.